[Trans] 120106 B.A.P – TS Entertainment’s Twitter update

B.A.P 쇼케이스 팬카페 신청 마감 2일 전입니다. 1월 28일 장충체육관에서 열리는 B.A.P 쇼케이스 신청을 원하는 분들은 팬카페에서 신청해주세요 : D http://cafe.daum.net/TS-ASIAN

2 more days till the deadline for the application on B.A.P showcase on the fan-cafe. The showcase will be held on January 28th at Jangchung Gymnasium so to those who wish to apply please refer to the fan-cafe : D http://cafe.daum.net/TS-ASIAN

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Only two days left before closing the application to B.A.P showcase via. fan-café! Still, don’t be late! 🙂

source: TS Entertainment’s Twitter
translated by: minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com


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