[News] EXO & B.A.P shaping up to be this year’s rivalry to watch

With the new year dawning, expectations have been rising for what new groups the audience could expect in the upcoming year, and public attention has gradually been focusing on two groups: SM Entertainment‘s EXO and TS Entertainment‘s B.A.P.

In a highly-viewed posting on Nate Pann that drew over 35,000 views at press time, a netizen posted a side-by-side comparison of the two groups and compared then to the legendary rivalry betweenSechskies and H.O.T, the two biggest groups at the turn of the millennium.

“EXO looks like a combination of DBSK and SHINee,” exclaimed one commenter, while others compared B.A.P to a “style reminiscent of Big Bang and hip hop”.

Which of the two groups will you be supporting this year, if not both?

Source: Nate Pann | Credit: Allkpop


2 comments on “[News] EXO & B.A.P shaping up to be this year’s rivalry to watch

  1. I like to go for a group who shows they can stand out amongst so many. B.A.P has debuted with a bang, not just due to their debut song, but their entire album. EXO on the other hand has left me less than impressed, with their recent MV release….although, it has been said that it’ll not be their debut song, so i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    There is nothing wrong with a group resembling/reminiscent to another, in the vibe that you get from their performance/song. But when their music color/sounds is too alike another, it’s just seems recycled to me.

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