[Trans] 120128 B.A.P mentioned in SECRET Zinger & Hyoseong’s Twitter updates


B.A.P랑사진찍었어요 >_<크크 무사히 아가들에쇼케이스가끝났습니다 다들수고했어요^_^* B.A.P달리자아아아 홧띵 yfrog.com/oddmejwj

Took a photo with B.A.P >_<keukeu The kids finished their showcase safely Everyone worked hard^_^* Let’s goooo B.A.P Hwaiting



B.A.P 친구들 *_* 오늘 쇼케이스 성곡적으로 마친 것을 축하한닷+_+ 캬 ㅋㅋ 총독으로서 뿌듯뿌듯 ㅋㅋ 한자리한 우리 시크릿도 수고했고 ㅎ 데뷔준비하느라 고생하신 모든 TS가족분들! 오늘은 맘 편히 주무세요~ 앞으로도 우주정복을 위해*_*ㅋㅋ

B.A.P my friends *_* Congratulations for successfully completing the showcase today+_+ kya keke This governor is proud proud keke On the other hand us SECRET also worked hard hehe All TS family who suffered to prepare for debut! Go sleep and relax today~ Looking forward to conquering the universe*_*keke

source: SECRET Zinger & Hyoseong’s Twitter
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com


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