[Pic/Trans] 120209 B.A.P on Mnet M Countdown’s Twitter updates

20120209엠카운트다운-워~리어!폭풍카리스마내뿜으며B.A.P가왔다!지금껏볼수없었던그들의특별한무대!오늘저녁6시생방송Mcountdown에서만나봅시다 pic.twitter.com/g0YzwLd7

20120209 M! Countdown – Wo~rior!Shooting with flaming charisma B.A.P is here!Right now showing a little from their special stage!Meet today live broadcast at 6PM on Mcountdown


20120209엠카운트다운 -귀요미막내 젤로를 사랑스런눈길로 바라보는 자상한리다 방용국~군이 인상깊은 사진을 선물합니다 오늘저녁6시생방송Mcountdown pic.twitter.com/CTbrTtAM

20120209 M! Countdown – Cutie maknae lovely ZELO caught the eyes of the caring leader Bang Yongguk~gunie as seen in the picture Today at 6PM live broadcast on Mcountdown



20120209엠카운트다운에서제대로준비한B.A.P의무대!아이들이이렇게-지지를묻히고온이유!!오늘저녁6시생방송Mcountdown때문입니다 pic.twitter.com/eTFrAm5x

20120209 B.A.P preparing to go on stage on M Countdown! This is how the kids are – you all have to come to support them!! Because it’s broadcasting live today at 6PM on Mcountdown

source: Mnet M Countdown’s Twitter
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com


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