[Interview/Trans] 120216 B.A.P, “All six members each have different colors”

Rookie 6-member group B.A.P (Bang Yongguk 22·ZELO 16·Himchan 22·Daehyun 19·Youngjae 18·Jongup 17). Debuted in 3 weeks and already gaining members on their Internet Fan-cafe for over 20,000, debuted with the song ‘Warrior’ which is already topping on various daily music charts. “The team was formed with a goal to conquer the earth. We want our music to reach all over the world”.

– Lately we heard you guys are becoming more popular. Did you realize.

“I don’t know. When we perform and saw our fans cheering, it makes us feel stronger. Leader Bang Yongguk hyung and ZELO had debuted earlier and it was very helpful for the rest of us. The members had to give their handphones during trainee days, I don’t know how to respond to that. There is almost no contact with the outside world.”(Daehyun)

– So the handphones were taken by the company.

“It’s not that. The members volunteered to to give them away. We dont really need handphones in practice room and the dorm except to call parent and members’ family only. The aim is to focus on practice and the members only have one handphone for later use but then lost it. We’ll borrow from manager-hyung if needed”(Yongguk)

– A little pre-debut story.

“Since middle school I play dae-gum (flute-like instrument)·Janggu (drum-like instrument)·ggwaeng-ga-ri etc as a major in traditional music. Then suddenly, I got into black music like hip hop and R&B. Naturally, I have the dream to be a singer and was street-casted and later was able to join the team. “(Himchan)

“There was a talent show on my Middle School campus and I sang to SG Wannabe’s song. Standing on stage having friends shouting and cheering is overwhelming that I cant put into words. Since then, I’ve been knocking to audition hoping to be a singer. “(Youngjae)

“Since 3rd year in junior high school, I’ve been working with underground hiphop artists. When my parents found out about it they strongly opposed on the idea. Then I got to vocational school (Yuhan Technical High School) and said that they would allow me to be a singer if I did well so I studied hard. Then a scholarship was offered from a named college and in the end got my parent’s permission. Passed to college but have not attend.”(Bang Yongguk)

“I fell for dancing eversince I was a kid. In middle school, my friends and I created a dancing clubs and entered dance competitions. The show was by a casting manager. I was really lucky.”(Jongup)

“I joined a dance academy in my 5th year of elementary school. Watching DBSK and Super Junior brought me up to be a singer. Joined the team after passing the academy’s audition.”(ZELO)

“I dream of being a singer eversince I was little. I worked hard to audition and sing professionally to learn more skills and I had to also study hard in school. Auditioned last summer and joined the team at last. I dream to be a great vocalist like 4MEN’s Shin YongJae.”(Daehyun)

– The title track ‘Warrior’ has an intense dance which is often compared to H.O.T’s debut song ‘Warrior’s Descendant’.

“It is an honor to be compared with the seniors. But the seniors were from the 90s and at that time, we were too young to know anything properly.”(ZELO)

-How is it like living in one dorm.

“We live together in a villa in Hannam-dong, Seoul. There are a total of 3 rooms and we use one room together. Another one is the closet-room, and the other one is a music studio. We have the chores divided thoroughly. Maknae ZELO does the laundry, Jongup does the dishes, Himchan throws the garbage, Youngjae keeps everything organized, as a leader I am in charge of managing (what goes around) the dorm. haha”(Bang Yongguk)

– You are in the same company with SECRET. Are you familiar with each other.

“The sunbaenims took care of us eversince we were trainees. They make us food on Chuseok (Thanksgiving)·Lunar New Year and brought it to the rehearsal studio for us.”(Youngjae)

-B.A.P’s competitiveness.

“All six members have different personality. Six members each with different colors to show you a different side and image of ourselves. “(Himchan)

-B.A.P’s goal.

“A week before debuting, we had a meeting in the dorm and had the goal to ‘conquer the earth’. We not only want our music to stay in Korea, but also looking forward to stretch to a larger global market. Starting next month in March, we’ll be going to Singapore and Malaysia for a first fan-meeting overseas.”(Bang Yongguk)

source: Ilkan Sports
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com


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