[News] 120217 B.A.P to hold a CD signing event on February 19th

Rookie group B.A.P will be holding their first CD signing event at Times Square in Yeongdeung-Po.

On February 19th, Hot Tracks will be hosting B.A.P’s CD signing event on the main stage area of Times Square mall. A high turnout is expected, as B.A.P managed to sell over 10,000 copies of their debut album “Warrior” in two days, in addition to topping the Hanteo Charts on the 16th.

The turnout is expected to be so large, in fact, that the management of the mall has organized twice the number of security personnel to be on shift that day in order to ensure a safe event.

Representatives from B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment stated, “This is the first time since B.A.P’s January 28th showcase in Malaysia that they will be able to meet their fans on a large scale. The members are looking forward to the event.”

The CD signing will be held exclusively for those who bought copies of “Warrior” at the Yeongdeung-Po Hot Tracks store between February 14th to the 17th. 150 lucky winners will be chosen by lottery on the 18th, and their names will be posted on the Hot Tracks website on the same day.

source: Allkpop


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