B.A.Perfection is a fan-base dedicated to upcoming 6 member South Korean boyband under TS Entertainment (same agency with SECRET). On January 1st, baperfection.wordpress.com has unofficially opened as well as our Twitter account, @BAPerfection.

Contact email: theabsoluteperfection@hotmail.com


8 comments on “B.A.Perfection

  1. I’d just like to say thank you sincerely for opening this fan-base site OTL
    Finally I can see what’s going on with them in English :’D (international fan life ;___;)
    Thank you sincerely once again and good luck with the website ❤

    • you’re very much welcome and we’d like to thank you for leaving a positive comment! :’D that motivates us a lot. hehehe. i will work harder into running this fanbase!

  2. I’d also like to say thank you!!!
    I was VERY happy when i found this website, and now i am a regular visitor ^^
    It’s the only place where i can get info about BAP translated in English!
    good luck!!! and i will always be grateful for all your work!!! 😀

  3. hello ! i would like to say big thanks , almost screamin out when i found this web ! wowo ! i love this web much ! good luck for updating about our baby, BAP ! bow wow wow wow wow 🙂

  4. Thank you so much!! Please keep going on, because your web site is awesome! I come here every day!!!! 😀 The pictures are so great! Thanks for your effort! I’ll support you 😉

    B.A.P ! Yes sir, FIGHTING!!!!!! <3<3

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