[News] 120227 B.A.P to begin follow-up promotions with “Secret Love”

A few days ago, we reported that B.A.P would be concluding their promotions for “Warrior” and will aim for a comeback sometime this spring. Well, it has just been announced that the six boys have chosen “Secret Love“ to be their follow-up track!

TS Entertainment, the group’s agency, revealed, “B.A.P has concluded their promotions for their debut track ‘Warrior’ through ‘Inkigayo’ yesterday and will begin their follow-up track ‘Secret Love’ starting this week. We will be showing a 180 degree transformation of the boys through ‘Secret Love’.

They continued, “We had a hard time deciding on which song to follow-up with but ended up choosing ‘Secret Love’ in order to show a whole different image of B.A.P to fans.”

“Secret Love”, featuring SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun with lyrics written by Bang Yong Guk, tells a sad love story about two celebrities having to secretly date. Fans are curious to know whether or not Song Ji Eun will be joining B.A.P’s stage performances for the song.

Meanwhile, B.A.P’s new reality program titled ‘Ta-Da, It’s B.A.P‘ aired its 8th episode on the 26th, where they revealed the making of their music video for “Secret Love”.

In the music video, member Him Chan displayed his acting skills by taking the role of a man who’s unable to express his love to a girl. In addition, fans were aroused with jealousy after seeing the two embracing each other.

Are you guys excited to see the boys perform “Secret Love”? Check out episode 8 of their reality program below!

source: Allkpop


[Interview/Trans] Super Rookie B.A.P, “Goal to Conquer the World”

‘B.A.P(Best, Absolute, Perfect)’ a perfect team name that suits these Super Rookie Group has come.

They have 3000 audiences for their first debut showcase and attracted 1000 people to their first fan-signing which shows just how popular they are.

B.A.P has a spectacular, charismatic and powerful stage performances that is different from anyone else.

However, for the interview, the boys are laughing showing and innocent boy image, talking about their passion in music and appearance of an artist..

– What kind of album is your debut album ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ all about.

“There is variety of music from Hip Hop to rock. The title track ‘WARRIOR’ gives out a powerful performance and having the lyrics describing about the society. ‘Unbreakable’ shows the story of us, the journey from our trainee days till now. We worked together with our sunbae from the company, Secret’s Song JiEun for ‘비밀연애 (Secret Love)’.”

– The reason to all the members having the same bleached-blonde colored hair.

“To reach out the the public even more so they would remember us, and to use it more widely so people don’t forget us. Everyone agreed to it. Sometimes people even get confused and put a different member’s name for a photo or an article, fans also get confused and give the wrong gift to the wrong person. There are a lot of fun and memorable episodes.”

– The unique concept of Aliens coming to conquer the world.

“It’s was the PD of SBS MTV Reality Program ‘Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P’’s idea. It was a little embarrassing at first but we eventually get used to it. Watching the broadcast becomes fun.”

– Rookie group that has been receiving a lot of great respond.

“We’re always thankful and we will try our best to show you a better image from us. Having a debut showcase in front of 3000 audiences, everything went by so fast. I think that it’s like a dream and now, I’ve came to the future.”

– The best story of a rookie. You can feel the popularity.

“It’s overwhelming. I’ve never thought of receiving this much love, I dont know how to respond. We want to work harder with all the attention we receive. We had our first fan-signing back on the 19th, I was surprised that a lot of people came, it was fun.”

– Do you have a rival, or a role model senior in mind.

“In order to compete with the others we have to have a kind of music that they like, we want to show them on stage because there are some points (in a song) that people don’t take notice of. Rather than having a specific role model, we are of our own style and we are working hard to show it. But we’ve always been monitoring the seniors’ stage. There are a lot of points yet to learn.”

– Other than Song JiEun, is there any other singer you want to work with.

“Compared to my deep voice, I want to work with someone who has a unique and appealing voice like Song JiEun sunbae. I also want to work in a unit team. I really want something like producing a vocal duo or solo project. Although nothing is planned yet, I want to show a different side of us.”

– When Bang Yongguk and ZELO started off first, did the members not give any sort of jealousy.

“At first, I really wanted to get on stage quickly so my mind had a little bit of jealousy over them. But we’re thankful to our team’s leader and maknae who have worked hard to show a different appearance.”

– How does it feel living in dorms.

“ZELO is in charge of doing the laundry, and he’s doing very well with the clothes. He doesn’t overuse the water and separate the laundry by color. Jongup is in charge of the dishes. He puts on a song in the early morning alone and washes the dishes to the rhythm of the music, the members were looking from the back and laughed. ”

– The relationship between the members.

“We have a good relationship to the extent where we talk even in our sleep. It seems like we’re lying but there is really a conversation that happens even when sleeping.”

– Any goals or activities planned for this year.

“The MTV ‘World Stage’ in Malaysia is held every year, we dream to be Korea’s representative to be on that stage. We want to have experience performing overseas for our won spectrum. We want our album to be known world wide under major record labels. Our aim is to receive a Rookie award at the end of this year.”

source: Asia Today
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com

[Interview/Trans] 120217 ‘Alien warrior’ B.A.P “Blonde, it doesn’t suit…”

“Warrior gives courage as a highlight of the song. It gives courage to the one in their 10’s and 20’s.”

Tough rookie group B.A.P has arrived with six members, Bang Yongguk(22), ZELO(16), Himchan(22), Daehyun(19), Youngjae(18), Jongup(17).

Their first single album ‘워리어(Warrior)’ was released on the 26th last month sold out 10,000 copies two days after release. Hitting the World Billboard chart at number 10, having a crowd of 3000 for their debut showcase stage and broadcasted for 1 hour on a cable show. Fan-cafe has exceeded 20,000 members just 3 weeks after debuting.

Deserved to be called ‘Super Rookies’. Group name stands for 베스트(Best)-앱솔루트(Absolute)-퍼펙트(Perfect).

▶ Underground HipHop Musician, Traditional Music… all joined together

“Hello. I am Bang Yongguk. I participated in making the lyrics for this album.” and the other members introduced themselves after that.
“My hobbies are rap beat-boxing, and I like to go skateboarding as well. I think that it will give strength to your thighs.” (ZELO)
“Majoring in traditional music. Knows how to play the guitar, piano and drum. Into korean traditional music(恨). But I like both traditional music and African-American music.” (Himchan)
“Is from Busan. Trying a lot to fix my accent. It was hard at first but at the end, getting used to the Seoul dialect.”(Daehyun)
“I’m going to show an impersonation. I will follow what appeared in Gag Concert by Choi HyoJong-ssi. Ae-mae-hab-ni-da-ing~!” (Youngjae)
“I like to dance and, my hobby is listening to music. My favorite type of dancing is street dancing. Among them, I like b-boy. Have been dancing since first year of middle school.” (Jongup)

Bang Yongguk was part of a famous hiphop musician in Hongdae. Was the first B.A.P member introduced through Untouchable sunbae a year and a half ago. Then was joined by traditional music and model Himchan, Daehyun from Busan, dancer Jongup, Emotional vocalist Youngjae and maknae ZELO. B.A.P practiced together for about a year. They’ve been practicing 16 hours in a day prior to their debut.

This album’s title track ‘Warrior’ has an intense beat and talking about social criticism in their lyric. Bang Yongguk’s bass rap that blends in with ZELO’s high-speed rap, Jongup’s splendid dance, vocalist Daehyun and Youngjae and Himchan’s unexpected level of vocal ability.

Reminding us of 1990’s popular group H.O.T.’s ‘Warrior’s Descendant’. Kangta, Moon Heejun, Jang Woohyeok, Tony Ahn, Lee Jaewon who were representating the Korean wave.

“It’s an honor to be compared with H.O.T. Idols nowadays have a sweet-boyfriend images. We want to be different from other group and not include ourselves in the same plot.”(Bang Yongguk)

When asked if they can go beyond H.O.T., Himchan said “It would be more than enough to go beyond them”. Bang Yongguk added “So we want to work harder”.

▶ The stage collapsing incident, “Come one more time”

In the chorus part ‘Warrior’ there is a part where they stomp. Once during a music program pre-recording, the stage floor could not handle the dance and collapsed.

“The sound of the foot was like the New Zealand Maori warrior. It was really powerful and I would like the stage to collapse once more in the future. I didn’t mean to do it but the dance is meant to have a powerful strength in it.”(Bang Yongguk)

The secret to the powerful dance is “bapsim (A traditional Korean meal which consists of rice and side dishes),” said Youngjae.

“We practiced for the showcase at 4:00AM the day before it. The boss gave us meat and rice to eat then went to sleep till the morning. It’s not that we don’t want to eat the meat but, since it came from the boss it’s precious.”(Youngjae), “A person eats in about 2-3 minutes.”(Bang Yongguk)

Called the ‘Big Rookies’ as soon as you debuted. Do you feel pressured.

“At first, it was the burden to think of how the 3000 seats to be filled for the showcase.” (Daehyun)

“I was surprised. I was touched to see that there was that much people who wanted to see us. We felt good after knowing that all our efforts would be put into a good use. We will show you a better image from us. The press have also showed interest in our efforts” (Bang Yongguk)

Right now we have successfully got through our debut stage safely but, a singer has gone through a tough road and obstacles.

“At first, I went to a local broadcasting talent show(Jeollanam-do, Mokpo). I formed a team with my friends and we wanted to do both rapping and dancing. We joined in as the Game Item. It was in my 4th year of elementary school. The stage literally exploded. My parents was against it at first but later see the passion in me later on.”(ZELO)

“I wanted to join Music Academy but they needed a 30 point average grade or more. I had a bet with my mom about the test scores. In my 3rd year of Middle School, I scored 43 points for my mid-term and 80 points for my finals.” (Youngjae)

“I am a part of a Hongdae Club since my 3rd year of Middle School, performing hip hop in the streets. I went from being a hip hop artist to being an idol singer, I was determined to take up such a sight. Even if I change little by little, I will prove to you.” (Bang Yongguk)

“Right now near the company in Hannam-dong a ‘luxurious’ 4-floor villa is where we live.” (Himchan), “On the 4 floor villa we used to live in the basement, I was glad that we live on the 4th floor. That’s why it’s luxurious.” (Bang Yongguk), “Living underground was fun. All of it was good memories.”(Himchan)

▶Fashion of the alien warrior…“The face is too dark showing sadness”

B.A.P’s blonde hair is the focus, and wore army suits as they go on stage. They look like they’ve come out from a Japanese manga Dragonball with an alien warrior atmosphere. They’ve showed a concept of an alien ready to conquer the earth through their showcase.

“For a cable program, we appear as aliens. Our hairs are dyed to give a more alien look.” (Youngjae)
“As rookies, our hairs were dyed blonde to show an atmosphere that we are one team.” (Daehyun)

But with ‘Power of Blonde’, the members of the team feels like they don’t have an individual personality.

“Sometimes fans cant tell who is who. Music broadcast camera director also gets confused.”(Youngjae), “I knew I was supposed to dye my hair. Looking in the mirror, I wanted to say ‘This dye doesn’t suit me. There is also a black Korean!’.”(Himchan)

Because of the blonde color it makes the skin looks darker to the hyungs and unlike ZELO who is smiling brightly. “Everyone says it is me who suits the blonde. I believe I do too.”(ZELO), “Back then, I don’t see it suits anyone.” (Himchan)

To give a feeling of warrior, your eyes are covered in dark make up. “It’s hard to wash away the eye-make up. I’m learning how to erase them.” (Himchan)

Members who wants the group to specialize in music, fashion and dance.

“Our dream is to be a global group. There is where we came out with ‘Conquer the Earth’, so we are going to work hard. In 2012, our wish is to win the Rookie Award in the Award Ceremony. Please cheer on us.” (All)

source: dongA.com
translations by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com

[News] 120217 B.A.P to hold a CD signing event on February 19th

Rookie group B.A.P will be holding their first CD signing event at Times Square in Yeongdeung-Po.

On February 19th, Hot Tracks will be hosting B.A.P’s CD signing event on the main stage area of Times Square mall. A high turnout is expected, as B.A.P managed to sell over 10,000 copies of their debut album “Warrior” in two days, in addition to topping the Hanteo Charts on the 16th.

The turnout is expected to be so large, in fact, that the management of the mall has organized twice the number of security personnel to be on shift that day in order to ensure a safe event.

Representatives from B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment stated, “This is the first time since B.A.P’s January 28th showcase in Malaysia that they will be able to meet their fans on a large scale. The members are looking forward to the event.”

The CD signing will be held exclusively for those who bought copies of “Warrior” at the Yeongdeung-Po Hot Tracks store between February 14th to the 17th. 150 lucky winners will be chosen by lottery on the 18th, and their names will be posted on the Hot Tracks website on the same day.

source: Allkpop

[Interview/Trans] 120216 B.A.P, “All six members each have different colors”

Rookie 6-member group B.A.P (Bang Yongguk 22·ZELO 16·Himchan 22·Daehyun 19·Youngjae 18·Jongup 17). Debuted in 3 weeks and already gaining members on their Internet Fan-cafe for over 20,000, debuted with the song ‘Warrior’ which is already topping on various daily music charts. “The team was formed with a goal to conquer the earth. We want our music to reach all over the world”.

– Lately we heard you guys are becoming more popular. Did you realize.

“I don’t know. When we perform and saw our fans cheering, it makes us feel stronger. Leader Bang Yongguk hyung and ZELO had debuted earlier and it was very helpful for the rest of us. The members had to give their handphones during trainee days, I don’t know how to respond to that. There is almost no contact with the outside world.”(Daehyun)

– So the handphones were taken by the company.

“It’s not that. The members volunteered to to give them away. We dont really need handphones in practice room and the dorm except to call parent and members’ family only. The aim is to focus on practice and the members only have one handphone for later use but then lost it. We’ll borrow from manager-hyung if needed”(Yongguk)

– A little pre-debut story.

“Since middle school I play dae-gum (flute-like instrument)·Janggu (drum-like instrument)·ggwaeng-ga-ri etc as a major in traditional music. Then suddenly, I got into black music like hip hop and R&B. Naturally, I have the dream to be a singer and was street-casted and later was able to join the team. “(Himchan)

“There was a talent show on my Middle School campus and I sang to SG Wannabe’s song. Standing on stage having friends shouting and cheering is overwhelming that I cant put into words. Since then, I’ve been knocking to audition hoping to be a singer. “(Youngjae)

“Since 3rd year in junior high school, I’ve been working with underground hiphop artists. When my parents found out about it they strongly opposed on the idea. Then I got to vocational school (Yuhan Technical High School) and said that they would allow me to be a singer if I did well so I studied hard. Then a scholarship was offered from a named college and in the end got my parent’s permission. Passed to college but have not attend.”(Bang Yongguk)

“I fell for dancing eversince I was a kid. In middle school, my friends and I created a dancing clubs and entered dance competitions. The show was by a casting manager. I was really lucky.”(Jongup)

“I joined a dance academy in my 5th year of elementary school. Watching DBSK and Super Junior brought me up to be a singer. Joined the team after passing the academy’s audition.”(ZELO)

“I dream of being a singer eversince I was little. I worked hard to audition and sing professionally to learn more skills and I had to also study hard in school. Auditioned last summer and joined the team at last. I dream to be a great vocalist like 4MEN’s Shin YongJae.”(Daehyun)

– The title track ‘Warrior’ has an intense dance which is often compared to H.O.T’s debut song ‘Warrior’s Descendant’.

“It is an honor to be compared with the seniors. But the seniors were from the 90s and at that time, we were too young to know anything properly.”(ZELO)

-How is it like living in one dorm.

“We live together in a villa in Hannam-dong, Seoul. There are a total of 3 rooms and we use one room together. Another one is the closet-room, and the other one is a music studio. We have the chores divided thoroughly. Maknae ZELO does the laundry, Jongup does the dishes, Himchan throws the garbage, Youngjae keeps everything organized, as a leader I am in charge of managing (what goes around) the dorm. haha”(Bang Yongguk)

– You are in the same company with SECRET. Are you familiar with each other.

“The sunbaenims took care of us eversince we were trainees. They make us food on Chuseok (Thanksgiving)·Lunar New Year and brought it to the rehearsal studio for us.”(Youngjae)

-B.A.P’s competitiveness.

“All six members have different personality. Six members each with different colors to show you a different side and image of ourselves. “(Himchan)

-B.A.P’s goal.

“A week before debuting, we had a meeting in the dorm and had the goal to ‘conquer the earth’. We not only want our music to stay in Korea, but also looking forward to stretch to a larger global market. Starting next month in March, we’ll be going to Singapore and Malaysia for a first fan-meeting overseas.”(Bang Yongguk)

source: Ilkan Sports
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com

[News/Trans] 120216 B.A.P ZELO, is 182cm tall? ‘Really worrying’

Debuted with ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ that stirred the music industry is super rookie B.A.P’s genius rapper ZELO.

Born in 1996, therefore is 17 years old this year. ZELO who is now a high school student with a height of more than 182cm. Others probably envy it but the people around ZELO said, “He still continue to grow, it’s worrying”

Different Star Stories ‘TheSTAR’(www.the-star.co.kr) will reveal the six member talented boy group B.A.P’s HD interview on the 18th along with surprised such as, a self-signed of their 1st single album(6 people) and polaroid photo (6people), B.A.P engraved logo Galaxy case (6people) opened with commenting event with the interview. Duration from the 18th until 2nd of March, the announcement will be on March 5th.

Name: ZELO (Real name: Choi JunHong)
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother
Edication: Mokpo Yehyang Elementary School – Seongnae Middle School
Hobbies/Skills: Listening to music, Writing Lyric, Skateboarding/Beat-box
Personality: Shy
How did you joined the members: Was contacted when I was practicing somewhere else
Ideal Woman: Pretty smile? A person who has good English
Role Model: Kanye west, Will i am
Frequent Habit: Blinking
Usual Fashion Style: I like street fashion but I like to wear like slim fit model.
Close Celebrity: SECRET sunabenim.
Favorite Food: Kimchi
Favorite Type of Music: Kanye west-Good Morning (Electronic) (HipHop, R&B)
Frequently Visited Place: Practice room, dorm
Favorite Color: Grey, Green, Red
Favorite Movie: <Crossing> <Step Up>
Favorite Number: 7
Motto: Men live and die

source: TheSTAR
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com

[News] B.A.P’s Himchan revealed to be a graduate of top tier arts schools

B.A.P member Himchan (22) has been revealed to be a graduate of national art schools.

During an interview with a media outlet recently, Himchan revealed his impressive academic background. He revealed that he was a graduate of the National Korean Traditional Music (Guk-ak) Junior High School and the National Korean Traditional Music High School, and is currently a student of Korea National University of Arts.

The National Traditional Music Junior High School and the National Traditional Music High School are known for being government-established national arts education centers  in Korea; meanwhile, Himchan’s university is also government-affiliated, as it is run by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Korea National University of Arts boasts a prestigious alumni roster, which includes Jang Dong GunLee Sun GyunLee Jung BumNah Hong Jin and many other talented entertainment leaders. Nicknamed as the “Seoul University of arts schools,” it is undeniably the most renowned Korean college in the arts field.

Himchan plays various Korean traditional instruments, such as dae-geum (flute-like traditional instrument), jang-goo (drum-like traditional instrument), ggwaeng-ga-ri, and jing. In college, he continued in this direction with a major in traditional arts.

During the interview, Himchan also revealed that he has never had to pay tuition for his education before and through high school, which made his fellow members very jealous.

Upon hearing about Himchan’s credentials, fans commented, “Wow… National Traditional Music High School and [the] National University of Arts are both really hard to get into” and“He’s so awesome. He seems to have such confidence in himself.”

source: Allkpop

[News/Trans] 120215 Youngjae, “Had 1 perfect brain, now…”

Debuted with ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ that stirred the music industry is super rookie B.A.P’s lead vocal Youngjae.

“I took a lot of subjects in my 1st year of middle school. I got into music and studied it in my 2nd year. That is when the nickname ‘Brain’ is formed (laughs)”

Different Star Stories ‘TheSTAR’(www.the-star.co.kr) will reveal the six member talented boy group B.A.P’s HD interview on the 18th along with surprised such as, a self-signed of their 1st single album(6 people) and polaroid photo (6people), B.A.P engraved logo Galaxy case (6people) opened with commenting event with the interview. Duration from the 18th until 2nd of March, the announcement will be on March 5th.

Name: Yoo Youngjae
Blood Type: AB
Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother
Edication: Seshil Kindergarten – Balgok Elementary School – Balgok Middle School – Uijeong-bu Technical High School
Hobbies/Skills: Listen to music/Sleep
Personality: Gentle but sometimes have mood swings as an AB blood-type
How did you joined the members: Contacted with TS and wanted an audition after that.
Ideal Woman: A person who likes me a lot
Role Model: Musiq Soulchild
Frequent Habit: Biting my nails
Usual Fashion Style: Neat Hip Hop?
Close Celebrity: Don’t have any. (Artist you want to get along with) Lee Jeok sunbaenim.
Favorite Food: Meat!
Favorite Type of Music: R&B, neo soul
Frequently Visited Place: Practice room
Favorite Color: Sky blue
Favorite Movie: <Sunny>
Favorite Number: 10
Motto: Starting is half the battle.

source: TheSTAR
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com

[News/Trans] 120214 B.A.P Jongup, “Tougher than meat, my arms are Cheetos”

Debuted with ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ that stirred the music industry is super rookie B.A.P’s dancing machine Jongup.

A 4-dimensional gag who created the phrases ‘Heavier than dumbbells B.A.P, B.A.P who runs fast’. When asked what he would do if he was to introduce himself “Eum… Tougher than meat Jongup? Why? I like meat” he said with a smile.

Different Star Stories ‘TheSTAR’(www.the-star.co.kr) will reveal the six member talented boy group B.A.P’s HD interview on the 18th along with surprised such as, a self-signed of their 1st single album(6 people) and polaroid photo (6people), B.A.P engraved logo Galaxy case (6people) opened with commenting event with the interview. Duration from the 18th until 2nd of March, the announcement will be on March 5th.

Name: Moon JongUp
Blood Type: B
Family: Father, Mother, 2 Older Brothers, Me
Edication: Sunae Elementary School – Sunae Middle School – Hanlim Arts High School
Hobbies/Skills: Listen to music/ Dancing
Personality: Shy
How did you joined the members: I started to dance at a young age and dreams to be a singer
Ideal Woman: I have no specific ideal woman
Role Model: Chris Brown
Frequent Habit: Hearing the sound of my knuckles cracking
Usual Fashion Style: Street
Close Celebrity: SECRET sunbaenim
Favorite Food: Raw meet
Favorite Type of Music: Dance music & Hip Hop & R&B
Frequently Visited Place: Convenience store
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movie: <Step Up Series>
Favorite Number: 1
Motto: Always do what you like, and do what you want to do, and try your best to be happy

source: TheSTAR
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com

[News/Trans] 120213 B.A.P’s Daehyun, “Shin Saimdang is my ideal woman”

Debuted with ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ that stirred the music industry is super rookie B.A.P’s Daehyun who is in-charge of being the main vocal hitting the high notes.

His ideal woman is said to be Shin Saimdang. Someone who is has skill in both education as well as performing arts is his type of ideal woman. Has a habit of ‘Licking his lips’. Already learning to attract and gain fans?

Different Star Stories ‘TheSTAR’(www.the-star.co.kr) will reveal the six member talented boy group B.A.P’s HD interview on the 18th along with surprised such as, a self-signed of their 1st single album(6 people) and polaroid photo (6people), B.A.P engraved logo Galaxy case (6people) opened with commenting event with the interview. Duration from the 18th until 2nd of March, the announcement will be on March 5th.

Name: Jung Daehyun
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother
Edication: Kindergarten – Seokwang Elementary School – Sajik Elementary School – Sajik Middle School – Busan Computer and Science High School
Hobbies/Skills: Watching Movies / Singing
Personality: Shy, Tough
How did you joined the members: Met during audition.. (Notified to be a member after got accepted)
Ideal Woman: Shin Saimdang
Role Model: Shin YongJae sunbaenim
Frequent Habit: Licking my lips
Usual Fashion Style: Modest attire
Close Celebrity: None for now.. (Artist you want to get along with) Shin Yongjae sunbaenim
Favorite Food: Cheese Cake
Favorite Type of Music: R&B, Ballad
Frequently Visited Place: Company
Favorite Color: Fluorescent colors
Favorite Movie: SF, Fantasy
Favorite Number: Don’t have
Motto: If you will (be), I will (be).

source: TheSTAR
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com