[Official/Trans] 120227 B.A.P’s Daum Cafe Photo update: One month after debuting with the first single ‘WARRIOR’

B.A.P (비에이피)가 첫 번째 싱글 ‘WARRIOR’로 데뷔한지 한 달을 맞이했습니다.
‘WARRIOR’ 무대는 2월 26일 방송된 ‘인기가요’에서 마무리되었지만, ‘WARRIOR’에 보내 주셨던 사랑만큼 후속곡 활동에도 지속적인 사랑과 관심 부탁드립니다.

후속 곡 ‘비밀연애’ 활동에서 여섯 명의 강인한 전사들이 어떤 모습으로 변신하게 될지 많이 기대해주시고 응원해주세요.

A month after B.A.P’s First Single ‘WARRIOR’ debut.
The last stage of ‘WARRIOR’ was aired February 26th on ‘Inkigayo’, we hope you will give continuous love for the activities on their follow-up song as much love and interest as you give to ‘WARRIOR’.

Their follow up song ‘비밀연애 (Secret Love)’ will show a transformation from the six tough warriors so please look forward to it and cheer on it a lot.
Thank you.

source: Daum Cafe
translations by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com

[Interview/Trans] Super Rookie B.A.P, “Goal to Conquer the World”

‘B.A.P(Best, Absolute, Perfect)’ a perfect team name that suits these Super Rookie Group has come.

They have 3000 audiences for their first debut showcase and attracted 1000 people to their first fan-signing which shows just how popular they are.

B.A.P has a spectacular, charismatic and powerful stage performances that is different from anyone else.

However, for the interview, the boys are laughing showing and innocent boy image, talking about their passion in music and appearance of an artist..

– What kind of album is your debut album ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ all about.

“There is variety of music from Hip Hop to rock. The title track ‘WARRIOR’ gives out a powerful performance and having the lyrics describing about the society. ‘Unbreakable’ shows the story of us, the journey from our trainee days till now. We worked together with our sunbae from the company, Secret’s Song JiEun for ‘비밀연애 (Secret Love)’.”

– The reason to all the members having the same bleached-blonde colored hair.

“To reach out the the public even more so they would remember us, and to use it more widely so people don’t forget us. Everyone agreed to it. Sometimes people even get confused and put a different member’s name for a photo or an article, fans also get confused and give the wrong gift to the wrong person. There are a lot of fun and memorable episodes.”

– The unique concept of Aliens coming to conquer the world.

“It’s was the PD of SBS MTV Reality Program ‘Ta-Dah! It’s B.A.P’’s idea. It was a little embarrassing at first but we eventually get used to it. Watching the broadcast becomes fun.”

– Rookie group that has been receiving a lot of great respond.

“We’re always thankful and we will try our best to show you a better image from us. Having a debut showcase in front of 3000 audiences, everything went by so fast. I think that it’s like a dream and now, I’ve came to the future.”

– The best story of a rookie. You can feel the popularity.

“It’s overwhelming. I’ve never thought of receiving this much love, I dont know how to respond. We want to work harder with all the attention we receive. We had our first fan-signing back on the 19th, I was surprised that a lot of people came, it was fun.”

– Do you have a rival, or a role model senior in mind.

“In order to compete with the others we have to have a kind of music that they like, we want to show them on stage because there are some points (in a song) that people don’t take notice of. Rather than having a specific role model, we are of our own style and we are working hard to show it. But we’ve always been monitoring the seniors’ stage. There are a lot of points yet to learn.”

– Other than Song JiEun, is there any other singer you want to work with.

“Compared to my deep voice, I want to work with someone who has a unique and appealing voice like Song JiEun sunbae. I also want to work in a unit team. I really want something like producing a vocal duo or solo project. Although nothing is planned yet, I want to show a different side of us.”

– When Bang Yongguk and ZELO started off first, did the members not give any sort of jealousy.

“At first, I really wanted to get on stage quickly so my mind had a little bit of jealousy over them. But we’re thankful to our team’s leader and maknae who have worked hard to show a different appearance.”

– How does it feel living in dorms.

“ZELO is in charge of doing the laundry, and he’s doing very well with the clothes. He doesn’t overuse the water and separate the laundry by color. Jongup is in charge of the dishes. He puts on a song in the early morning alone and washes the dishes to the rhythm of the music, the members were looking from the back and laughed. ”

– The relationship between the members.

“We have a good relationship to the extent where we talk even in our sleep. It seems like we’re lying but there is really a conversation that happens even when sleeping.”

– Any goals or activities planned for this year.

“The MTV ‘World Stage’ in Malaysia is held every year, we dream to be Korea’s representative to be on that stage. We want to have experience performing overseas for our won spectrum. We want our album to be known world wide under major record labels. Our aim is to receive a Rookie award at the end of this year.”

source: Asia Today
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com